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Unos padres denuncian en Facebook una paliza de una niñera a su bebé que ha quedado impune

Joshua Marbury asegura que han cerrado el caso porque, según las leyes de Oregón, la víctima no puede confirmar verbalmente que ha sido atacada.

 Publicado: 27.05.2016

Foto del niño

Foto del niño


MADRID.- Joshua Marbury y su mujer han denunciado a través de la red social Facebook la paliza que una niñera le dio a su bebé de un año y que de momento, no ha tenido consecuencias judiciales.

Los hechos ocurrieron hace dos meses, cuando al volver de una cena, la pareja vio las consecuencias de los golpes que la niñera le había propinado a su hijo.  Unos hechos, que para más inri, han sido admitidos por la agresora.

El matrimonio Marbury ha decidido sacar a la luz su denuncia para llamar la atención y conseguir que la repercusión mediática del caso fuerce a la Justicia a reabrir la investigación.

Unos hechos que han sido archivados dado que, según las leyes de Oregón, la víctima no puede confirmar verbalmente que ha sido agredida.  "Un cuerpo muerto  tampoco  puede decirte quién lo mató. ¿Un bebé no recibe el mismo tratamiento porque no puede hablar?", denuncia en su perfil de Facebook el padre.

La publicación en Facebook ya ha sido compartido por más de 400.000 seguidores.


Parents of battered baby use Facebook to fight for justice

Arriving home after a date night this past March, Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury were still on the sidewalk outside their home in the Portland area of Oregon when they heard their 12-month-old son, Jacob, crying from inside the house.

Quinney and Marbury had left their children, 3-year-old Jaylynn and Jacob, with Marbury's long-time best friend, who had been living with them. [Because he has not been arrested, TODAY Parents is not identifying the man's name.] "He was like family to us," Quinney said, adding his friend had watched the kids several times before without incident. "We never expected this."

Abused baby case

Joshua Marbury

Jacob Marbury, now 14 months old, in a happier moment.

According to Quinney and Marbury, when they entered their home, they found their friend asleep on their couch, with their daughter awake on the other side of the couch playing with the friend's dog. Jacob, however, was "screaming, crying, on all fours on my bed," said Quinney.

Marbury says his friend claimed to have put the children to bed earlier and not to have heard Jacob's cries.

The next morning, Jacob had a black eye when he woke up, and new bruises kept swelling up all over his body throughout the day: a hand-shaped, black and blue bruise on the side of his face as well as marks inside his ears and on his arms, back, collarbone, and underneath his eyes.

Abused baby case

Joshua Marbury

Jacob Marbury, then 12 months old, the morning after his parents found him screaming while left in the care of a family friend.

Quinney says she confronted their friend, and says she "knew he was lying" when he claimed to have fed Jacob a bottle and rocked him to sleep the night before. "I asked him that on purpose because I had seen there was a full bottle, not even touched, on the counter the night before," she said.

Abused baby case

Joshua Marbury

Jacob Marbury sleeping with obvious bruises to his face and back.

Quinney says when she told the friend she was taking Jacob to the hospital and filing a police report, he told her he had dropped Jacob on cement while trying to run after Jaylynn and his dog. "I told him he needed to get his things and get out of my house," said Quinney.

Police detectives met Quinney at the hospital, where Jacob was fully examined. After X-rays of his arm and neck came back clear, the police followed the family home, where they took pictures of the home and interviewed Marbury. Quinney says the police were unable to talk to the friend for over a week, because he had left the state. TODAY contacted Sherwood Police Department about the case but did not get a reply.

The family took Jacob to a local children's hospital the following day for more exams and tests, including a CT scan, a full-body X-ray, and even blood tests to determine if Jacob bruises especially easily. All came out clear or negative.

Last week, nearly three months since the incident happened, Quinney and Marbury were notified that the state will not be pursuing charges against Jacob's alleged abuser. Frustrated, Marbury posted a description of the incident to his Facebook page, asking friends to share the post so it would go viral and help them find justice for their little boy.